Supple Tek Work Culture
Work Culture
The Supple Tek Family

Here is what our CMD, Ramneek Singh once said about the Supple Tek Family: “Whatever success and growth I have had in business has been a result of the earnest efforts put in by the team.” Over years this modest family has grown in nos. Our iteration ratio is quite low. Human Resource at Supple Tek is much more than just the workforce of the company; it’s like one big family. The Success Story of Supple Tek lies in the fact that this family beats one heart.

The Supple Tek Family

Our focus today is quintessentially in building a team that is strong at thought leadership & crisis management and at the same time believes that no one can whistle a symphony alone; it takes an entire orchestra to play it.

Suppletek Work Culture

“We set high workplace standards and ethos across the globe that foster congenial work culture for our employees, encourage training programs and support their wellness benefit programs. Last but not the least, we recognise their contributions. “- Mr. Jai.Kumar Gupta, CEO of Supple Tek Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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