Scale & Size
Our Robust Infrastructure
Most Advanced Rice Milling Facility

Overall milling & processing capacity 5000 + Metric Ton per day.

Our full-automated and sophisticated mills are designed by Satake (Japan) and Buhler (Germany) with a hi-tech amalgamation of technology from other world-leading companies.

3 mega rice processing and milling facilities are geographically spread across strategic locations in India – Punjab, Haryana & Gujarat to ensure uninterrupted supplies throughout the year.

Our Processes
The Best Indian Basmati Rice from Paddy to Plate

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Supple Tek. The big idea is to make cutting-edge technology & working very closely with farmers, the bedrock of an efficient and effective value chain from local farms to the global market.

Supple Tek Research and Development Supple Tek Research and Development
Research & Development
Responsibility & Ownership
Paddy Sourcing
Massive Storage Capacity Massive Storage Capacity
Massive Storage Capacity
Advanced Processing & Milling
Quality Control
Distribution Retail
Distribution / Retail
The Honest Quality
How Do We Maintain Our Quality

Embedded deep within our organization, is a culture of ‘constant improvement’.

This culture is what drives us to understand, adopt and adapt to the growing needs of our consumers. We have taken every measure to ensure that farmlands are rich and healthy. We offer best rates to farmers for their yield, promote crop rotation, offer our expertise and knowledge for using the choicest seeds and latest agricultural practices.

Our stringent quality control measures and the most advanced & modern rice milling plants ensure that the finest quality is delivered consistently.

Our Supply Chain
How Our Operations Makes Supply Chain Better

Our aim is to make the journey of all inputs and finished products from origin to end customer, more efficient and reliable, with shortened delivery times and better customer satisfaction.

We coordinate to distribute the right quality seeds to our farmers from BEDF fields
We ensure that the farmers follow good agricultural processes
We ensure that their crops are of international standards
We pay the best prices for the best yields
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We offer the best rates, prompt shipments, cutting-edge technology & customer satisfaction
Our Basmati rice is locally grown & globally known for its premium length & unmatched aroma
Design, develop and distribute your very own range of quality rice products
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